We can tell you what we do, how we do it, and describe our expertise and the quality of our

work. But best insight is from our customers and their feedback about their experiences. Hear

what people who’ve experienced the Salon Alon difference have to say:

“Amazing…. I can’t say enough about Alon. I’ve told everyone I know that I had the best

haircut of my life there and went back for color and a different style – and wouldn’t

dream of going anywhere else.”

“Before he starts, he wants to know what your lifestyle allows for. He is a true artist.

He looks at everything. He starts with getting your hair in the best possible condition. I

didn’t realize what my hair could do, or what it could look like, until he taught me simple changes to make my hair look its best, without a lot of maintenance.”

“Newton’s best-kept secret. Alon could easily run his salon in Manhattan or Paris.

Thank goodness he’s right here in Newton. He is the finest hairdresser I’ve ever worked

with. Indeed, I have been with him since I was a teenager. He is a perfectionist and you

will leave his salon feeling younger, prettier and lighter.”

“When my previous hair stylist moved away, I got recommended by a friend to see Alon.

I could not be more thrilled with how he cut and colored my hair. I really appreciate the

personalized service. I always leave the salon looking and feeling fabulous.”

“Great products, good prices and best customer service. I have recommended your

salon to many people.”

“Thank you for helping survive the last year with my short hair. It has now grown out

nice and healthy. Thank you again for all your help.”

“Alon, you strongly believe that hair color needs to be individual and provide me with

the right processes for my hair to ensure a professional result. I am really delighted as

you always keep my hair looking great and stylish.”

“I can’t stop looking in the mirror. I absolutely love my hair and it’s just what I wanted.”

Dear Alon. I’m sure you’ve heard it all before. You’re the best. You made my day.

Actually, my whole life!!”

“Alon is very talented and offers professional quality service. He’s able to provide high-

end products and services at reasonable prices. He takes his time and exhibits sincere

interest in making you feel satisfied and happy. If you are not happy, Alon is not happy.

He wants you to leave his salon feeling good and looking good.”

“I have been to many salons offering hair systems, and no-one compares to the

attention, craft and elegance that Salon Alon offers. I have been going to Alon for hair

care services for over 5 years and cannot imagine ever finding anyone else who could do

a better job that Alon.”

“If you are having hair loss and feel uncomfortable and unhappy with your look, be

strong and call Alon. He will be your angel that you are seeking. Alon can create a style

for you that will renew your confidence.”

“Alon gave me an amazing short haircut and blond highlights that look fabulous and

natural. I can’t say enough about my experience. All I can say is that Alon is amazing.

He really listened to what I wanted, and I’m so happy to have discovered his salon.”

“Alon is the best at what he does. I have been a loyal customer since 2004. I consider

his opinion very trustworthy. He is a true hair master that has the skill to assess the best

styles for you based on your face shape. I’ve kept coming back for more. He’s very

knowledgeable about hair care and also helped me out with my dry hair.”

“Alon, I’m grateful for your dedication and excellent work. You helped me regain my

confidence. I am able to hold my chin up high once again while out in public places. I

am a new person. I love my new hair. I have such an appreciation for what a labor of

love that really was.”

“I never liked the way I looked what I was losing my hair. Thank you, Alon, for your hard

work and effort. I don’t only look great, but I feel young and healthy at my age. When I

look in the mirror each day, I see a handsome me – the way I’m supposed to be. You

changed my life completely, and I am forever grateful.”

“Alon is awesome. I have frizzy, hard-to-handle hair. While searching for a Brazilian hair

keratin service, I came across the great review for Salon Alon. Simply smooth treatment

does work!! My hair is straight with perfect body and shine!”

“People I hardly know ask who my hairdresser is, the cut is so great. That never

happened before. See you soon, and thanks so very much.”

“I’m a 34-year old female and suffering from Androgenic Alopecia (genetic hair loss). Hi,

Alon! I would like to express my deepest gratitude to you for your creativity, your

flexibility in helping me with my hair problem. The service that you gave is second to

none. In fact, other salons should take lessons from you. I just wanted to let you know

what a remarkably easy, hassle-free experience this has been. Thank you again.”

“Dear Alon. Thanks so much for taking the time to cut the wig. It looks absolutely


“Dear Alon. Thanks for spending the time with me educating me. I appreciate the time

and energy you put into the session we had. Thanks again.”

“Alon, thanks for all the adjustments and improvements you can do to make my hair


“Dear Alon. I haven’t had a bad hair day since I can to you. Your products, too, are


“I have been searching for 10 years for the right hair loss solution, and I finally found

Salon Alon to be the answer to my hair loss. I spent all this time looking for the solution,

and it turned out that the solution wasn’t enough to correct my hair loss. Salon Alon

that specializes in hair loss was what I needed, and that’s all I ever wanted. God bless!!”

When a client leaves our Salon with a new look, he or she is broadcasting our name and quality to their friends and families. Many of our clients are referrals from existing clients. On the other hand, for our hair replacement systems, it has been our experience that clients do not talk about hair care problems, existing, or other additions because they look so natural that they don't want anyone to know that it is not their hair.