Hair Care & Treatment


Like any process, we must have a solid foundation to create success. Hair care and treatment at Salon Alon begins with a wash, conditioning, and a thorough review of your scalp. This ensures we have the optimal hair conditions to determine and implement an innovative treatment.

Each treatment is personalized and specially tailored to your hair and your desired results. We take into account hair type, PH stage, skin tone, face shape, and cranial topography to achieve maximum results. These treatments also help alleviate and prevent breakage, thinning, and damage.

We utilize various products to access our required outcomes. Special amino acids, essential oils and keratin infused products aid in unlocking the results we want to achieve. The treatments do not stop after you leave us. We educate you and send you home with our all-natural products to continue the treatment.

Root color

Permanent hair color/ up to 3/4-inch Root application105+*

Roots color + Gloss

Permanent hair color/ up to 3/4-inch Root application + All over shine semi hair color application $145+*

ALl Over Color

Permanent hair color/ Complete Roots to end application $135+*


Get a money piece, face-framing or all over highlights using foils, or balayage.

application $125+*


Coloring roots + added strikes of red, brown, or blonde color all over or for acescent application $195+*


Blow drying after color, adds fullness, bounce, or straightness to hair application $65+*