Solutions for Women

At Salon Alon, we are dedicated to giving you back confidence in your hair. This is especially true for women confronting the emotional challenge of hair loss – whether medically related or otherwise. Our approach is personal, compassionate but, above all, positive – because we know we can create a solution that will restore your confidence as well as restoring your hair.

We are able to treat all levels of hair loss – from thinning, to patches, to total loss – as well as conditions that cause brittle or damaged hair. First, we start with a consultation in which we talk about you – the person. About your life, your lifestyle, your personality – to understand the real you. We’ll talk about how you are currently dealing with your hair, about any prior treatments you’ve undertaken, and about your hopes…. and your concerns… for your hair. And we’ll also do a condition assessment of your hair and your scalp to fully understand the situation.

Based on this, we will then recommend the options that we believe will best address your situation, meet your goals, fit into your life and lifestyle – and restore the beauty of your hair.

Here’s a brief description of some of the options we are able to offer. But to learn, about everything that we can do, schedule your consultation with us today. Like many others, you’ll discover that we can help give you back confidence in your hair.

Hair Extensions – for broken, brittle, or damaged hair, and for thinning hair, hair extensions can restore fullness, thickness and length. Extensions are added using keratin-based micro-fine attachments area by area with the highest quality hair. Each addition involves a small number of strands so that the effect is natural in both look and movement. Extensions can be washed, cut and styled like your own hair.

Hair Integration – for situation where thinning is more pronounced or extensive, this solution allows for additions to be integrated with your own hair. Special membranes with individually injected real hair allow your own hair to grow through giving you fuller, natural-looking hair.

Partial Replacement – where hair loss is more significant, this solution provides virtually undetectable additions that simulate all aspects of real hair from texture and density, to direction – including crowns, parts and even cowlicks – to give the most realistic and natural effect.

Total Hair Loss – whether medically-related or otherwise, we can create the most comfortable, breathable, capless hair prosthesis – handmade, with each hair individually inserted – to give you a full head of natural hair.